Thursday, 7 January 2016

Salcombe Coastal Marathon 2011 Final Report

Salcombe Coastal Marathon 2011 Final Report
The Day
Despite a wet and cold start, the weather did improve and the views were as ever spectacular with the ever changing light. 103 started, 100 finished, sadly 3 had to drop out early on due to a nasty fall on wet rock. Pamela Watkins, a friend of Foggy, said there was no lasting damage and hopes to be back next year. Her husband hopes that she did not cause any permanent damage to the coastal footpath. They were both touched by the many people who were concerned about Pamela’s welfare. The concept of the event is to allow people to decide on the day how far they wish to go, be it 14, 21 or 26.2 miles (the decision is as much likely to be based on the prevailing weather as it is to how fit the individual might be). I have a Photo CD if anyone wants a copy.
Thank you to everyone who has written back saying many positive things about the event and for some very useful suggestions.
The event has raised an excellent amount of money for PORT-ER, this would not have been possible had it not been for the generous support of our sponsors: Tom & Lynne at North Upton Caravan Park, Tony Ford of Windcrest Transport, Plymouth, Simon of Salcombe Ferry Company and Mike Barratt from West Exe Soccer Club. I would also like to thank Chris Lane for his tireless efforts driving the mini bus, Ian Lea for manning the Start, Shat Nav (Pete Johnson) for the T Shirts and of course me for organising the event and running as back marker.
At this time I have had little feedback on results, so if no corrections arrive within the next week I shall try and get the results posted on the web site.
This year’s charity
We have raised £1400 for PORT-ER to be Gift Aided to Forrest Stump on completion of his epic 630 mile Coastal Run. This amounts to £1790! My primary intention was to support Forrest on this mammoth undertaking, but now that I have spoken to Diana Corrick, the CEO of the charity, I am particularly pleased with this year’s charity. The reason I am so pleased is by hearing how far they manage to stretch a relatively small amount of money, both in the UK and abroad. For example, £1000 paid for training of 20 wheel chair users living on the street in India, they now have work and no longer depend on living on the street to survive and to support their families. At Christmas, a disabled person in Tanzania was given a grant. His disability was such that distortion of his hips and legs meant that Prosthetics were not possible. In order to live and support his family he had to literally drag himself 3km to work and 3km back home every day. £75 was all that it took to provide him with a tricycle and now his life has changed for the better. Currently, they have a request from India for £5000. 20 villages support 85 wheelchair users (mostly because of polio). This money would help them to set up Chicken Farms, the produce from which would not only support their families with day to day living, but also fund the education of their children so that they don’t grow up to be illiterate and unable to find work. You can follow Forrest’s progress and sponsor him if you wish (although we do recognise that much of your entry fee has already sponsored him) by visiting He would love to see people on his journey, so if you want to meet and walk/run with him for part of the SW Coast Path, let me know and I will put you in touch.
Next year’s charity
I feel that this event belongs to you and would invite everyone to suggest a charity that has significance for them by Christmas of this year, together with a bit of background information. We will then look at these and see which we might be able to support, sadly too many and each wouldn’t get a lot.
Next year’s event
Next year’s event is planned to be on Saturday 5th May. We might be able to find parking within half a mile of Torcross and run the event in the reverse direction, giving people a different experience and allowing those only wishing to do the first half a completely different run/walk. The only problem with this is that I feel the views are enhanced by running into the afternoon sun (sounds like a song title) and the use of the Salcombe Ferry is very much a part of the atmosphere of this event. However, it is possible that a nice farmer at Torcross could put on a BBQ for us, and in poor weather there is a wider choice of cafes and pubs. I don’t want to make the decision for you, if you say nothing things will stay as they are, so I would really appreciate a reply stating which direction you would prefer. If there if a significant majority, I will make every effort to follow your wishes. Another idea may be to use a second mini bus to provide starts from East Prawle to Hope Cove, around the Half Marathon distance but offers the best of the scenery but also some of the biggest climbs. Again let me know your thoughts. A variety of T Shirts will be available for pre-order.
Finally the success and atmosphere of this event depends on it remaining low key and of a small number. Priority will be given to those who have entered over the past two years, after which I will accept bookings from others according to space.
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